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Learn about the power and application of Electret masterbatches!
Release date: [2024/6/26]  Read total of [37] times

Learn about the power and application of Electret masterbatches!

It is necessary to use good meltblow material, good meltblow equipment and meltblow process, and have enough voltage to apply static electricity. This is where the electret masterbatch comes in! Want to effectively improve the filtration efficiency of the mask, and have the ability to efficiently and permanently adsorb virus and bacterial particles and extend the life of the mask?

Yujie Electret Masterbatch solutions can help you!

Filtration efficiency of first-generation salt electret masterbatch ≥95%

Filtration efficiency of the second generation oil electret masterbatch is ≥95%

Filtration efficiency of three generation water electret masterbatch ≥99%

Effectively reduce the resistance of non-woven products and improve the filter efficiency of non-woven products: does not affect the normal cleaning cycle and service life of the spinneret; Improve the filtration efficiency and self-sterilization performance of non-woven products; No need to add new equipment, no need to significantly adjust the existing melt-blown non-woven fabric production process; In the case of the same fiber fineness and the same gram weight, reduce the resistance of non-woven products.

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