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Hangzhou Yu Jie Chemical CO., Ltd is in the field of modified plastics and master batches. It is an enterprise integrating research, manufacture and trade, specializing in modified plastics, color master batch,

With advanced equipments and relative experiment measurement devices, we have adopted global advanced technology like twin-screw pelletizing, two-rotor mixer to produce various high-concentration master batches, functional master batches and modified plastics. Our products have achieved ISO 9001£º2000 quality certification.
The main products:
1. Color masterbatch£ºpolypropylene chemical fiber master batch, non-woven master batch, polyester filament or staple fiber master batch, all kinds of plastic coloring master batch;
2. Functional masterbatch: flame retardant, cooling, hydrophilic, softening, anti-static, antibacterial, etc;
3. Modified fillers: talcum powder filling PP, PS: calcium carbonate filling PE, PP;
Being custom-oriented, reputable, diligent, with high quality, and continuous innovation, Yujie pursuits customers¡¯ recognition. We enthusiastically welcome the guests domestically and abroad to develop long-term cooperation by phone or email.

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