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An overview of the textile industry!
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An overview of the textile industry!

The textile industry is mainly the primary cotton, wool, silk and other raw materials after a certain processing means to form clothing and other daily necessities raw materials industry. Textile industry, including cotton textile and printing and dyeing finishing, wool textile and dyeing finishing, linen textile and dyeing finishing, silk textile and dyeing finishing, chemical fiber weaving and printing and dyeing finishing, knitting or crochet woven fabrics and their products manufacturing, household textile finished products manufacturing, industrial textile finished products manufacturing 8 industry categories, 26 industry sub-categories.

The textile industry is not only an important traditional industry in China, but also one of the pillar industries of China's foreign trade, which has made important contributions to the national economic development. In recent years, in order to promote the better and rapid development of the textile industry, transformation and upgrading, the state and relevant departments have successively issued relevant policies for the textile industry.

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