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Spring is just right, pack up this sunscreen guide, travel to enjoy!
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Spring is just right, pack up this sunscreen guide, travel to enjoy!

Spring is bright, it is a good time to travel, but the sun accompanied by ultraviolet rays are also signed, ultraviolet rays lead to allergies, sunburn, tanning and other skin problems. Give the body and mind a holiday at the same time, but also to do a good job of skin sunscreen journey, today's sunscreen guide please check, help the skin peace of mind vacation!

Skin problems caused by UV rays

Sunlight is the source of growth of everything on our earth. The sunlight that reaches the Earth's surface is mainly composed of ultraviolet (UVB), ultraviolet (UVA), visible and infrared light. Among them, UV damage to the skin has been a consensus.

In addition to sunscreen black, more importantly, sunscreen old. Studies have shown that natural aging accounts for only 10% of human aging, and the remaining 90% is due to light aging. Regardless of wind and rain or spring, summer, autumn and winter, ultraviolet light is everywhere.

How to go outside to protect yourself from the sun?

1, the use of sunscreen or sunscreen spray: the exposed skin above the sunscreen, can avoid the sun's ultraviolet sunburn skin, to avoid melanin constantly on the skin precipitation, resulting in blackening of the skin, it should be noted that when going out sun protection is needed to carry, it is best every 2 to 3 hours you need to apply once.

2, wear sunscreen clothes, use sunscreen caps: when going out to play, wear sunscreen clothes, wear a suitable sunscreen cap, can avoid the skin exposed to the outside to the greatest extent, you can resist the sun's damage to the skin.

3, pay attention to maintenance after sunburn, apply a mask: even if you do a good job of sun protection when you go out, it is still possible to sunburn your skin, so the maintenance work after sunburn should be done. After the skin is irradiated by the sun's ultraviolet rays, a hydrating mask should be applied first to supplement the moisture needed by the skin to the maximum extent and reduce the damage to the skin.

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After traveling all day, the skin is outdoors, the face is stained, cleaning is the first step of first aid. Note: Wash your face well, even if you only wear sunscreen! Our skin after the sun, although in a fragile state, but cleaning is still not less.

The application of a mask is an important step in post-sun skin first aid, then the question comes, can you immediately apply a mask after sun? No way! Because the skin after the sun is very short of water, if the mask is immediately applied, it will not be able to dissipate the heat, but will increase the burden on the skin, so, after the sun, you can apply the mask, but do not immediately apply the mask. After applying the mask, wash the face with water to remove excess essence.

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