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Masterbatch masterbatch production on what selection criteria

Masterbatch is a plastic, colored fibers in new products, in the production of masterbatch masterbatch have certain requirements.

Use of masterbatch masterbatch production required to mix and match as well as the proportion of plastic raw materials and additives masterbatch between should be appropriate, otherwise the production of masterbatch may be insufficient.

(A) resins and additives in masterbatch and mixed use can not have a chemical reaction, this point in the selection of procurement masterbatch varieties to arouse enough attention. Masterbatch need strong solvent resistance, but also mobility masterbatch and small. This produced a masterbatch and plastic materials will not send chemical reaction.

(2) Purchase masterbatch to choose dispersion and tinting strength is very good masterbatch. Generally the smaller the particles masterbatch, masterbatch dispersion better, its coloring power is strong. The production of masterbatch dispersion do.

(3) When we choose masterbatch, you must also consider what is used in the production of plastic products, such as the production of children's toys should be non-toxic masterbatch is required; outdoors if the production of plastic products, we choose weatherability and resistance aging resistance are good masterbatch.

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