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Spring equinox ح Spring is blooming, everything is recovering, hope soon!
Date:[2020/3/20]    Clicks:[58]

In the face of the epidemic,
People from all over the country join hands,
Fight the epidemic
The vernal equinox has arrived and everything is recovering
Everything is full of hope and beauty!
The former prosperity is back again ~

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Fight the epidemic, embrace spring

In 2020, the new crown pneumonia epidemic affects everyone's heart. No matter where we are, no matter how far away, we are always paying attention to it and always remembering it. Tens of thousands of white angels fought in the front line of fighting the epidemic, protecting their lives with their lives, making us tearful countless times.

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The vernal equinox is approaching and everything is recovering

The vernal equinox begins around March 21st of the solar calendar every year when the sun reaches 0 of the longitude. 0 is a symbol of "one yuan, one million yuan renewal" in the true sense. In fact, the vernal equinox is often regarded as the beginning of spring in agricultural time.
The spring equinox is the most beautiful season of the year. The water is rippling, the spring wind is full of sleeves, and even the sun has a scent. In ancient times, the vernal equinox was also known as "Japanese-Chinese", "Midnight Equinox", "Moon of Spring" and so on.

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The spring equinox has arrived, and everything is awake, we want to say a long time to you!

After the epidemic, what do you want to do most ...

When the epidemic is over, where do you most want to travel?

In the vernal equinox season, Ying Yingfei grows long, Xin Yi is like fire, Begonia is still warm, the sun is shining, and everyone goes out to watch the flowers. On the day of the spring equinox, the ancients had the custom of drinking alcohol. They were invited to go out for a walk, walk in the most beautiful spring light, let apricot flowers blow their heads, fold the most beautiful branch and insert it in the hair. It is advisable to drink between flowers, raise a wine glass, send a cup to the past, and a glass of respect for tomorrow, only wish: Have a good time.

This spring, we are united in our efforts to fight the epidemic. Spring is hope and will be full of vitality. At this moment, we want to say that no winter is insurmountable, and no spring will not come! Waiting for the epidemic to pass, let's go out of the house, breathe the fresh air of spring, feel the vitality of everything, and watch the beautiful flowers everywhere.

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