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What should a non-woven fabric produced from a good non-woven masterbatch look like?
Date:[2020/3/18]    Clicks:[54]

1. Easy process adjustment, no obvious pressure change in metering pump
2. The fiber is spread evenly and smoothly, and there is no phenomenon of flying flowers, floating silk, or dripping, and no operator is required to keep an eye on the abnormal conditions on the spinneret or non-woven fabric.
3, the filter replacement cycle is long, the component replacement cycle is long, and it is easy to complete the planned task
4. The quality of non-woven fabrics needs to be changed from the beginning to the beginning. The non-woven fabrics are always stable and will not produce obvious non-woven fabrics with different quality, and will not produce a lot of waste or defective fabrics.
5, easy color change, less cleaning materials
6. Non-woven fabrics have uniform fineness, uniform weight and uniform fiber distribution
7. The fiber is observed under the microscope at a magnification of 200-1000 times. The smooth performance is good. There are no black spots, large particles of pigment, breakpoints, cracked bifurcated fibers, etc., and it can improve the fracture strength and draft strength of fibers and nonwovens It's critical.

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