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"Happy New Year's Day" new year, Yu Jie wishes you a better level in 2020!
Date:[2020/1/2]    Clicks:[84]

Years don't live, seasons flow. With the bell of the new year, we are about to bid farewell to the promising and fruitful 2019, and we are greeted with a hopeful and vibrant 2020. At this wonderful moment of renouncing the old and welcoming the new, Hangzhou Yujie Chemical Co., Ltd. wishes you a new year's greetings here: I wish you all a Happy New Year's Day, all the best, good health, and happy family

The bells of the new year are about to ring, the fireworks of the new year are about to light, the blessings of the new year are facing the dawn, and you are beaming into your heart. May happiness never forget you, and may your happiness last forever.

A new start, a renewal of Vientiane, a new year, a new hope, a new journey, 2020 let us continue to work together down-to-earth, forge ahead towards new goals and forge ahead!

2020 is coming, the new year wishes you a happy new year! This year's New Year has come earlier than ever before, and the Spring Festival is coming. I wish you a safe and joyful and smooth life in advance! Yujie makes the following arrangements for the Spring Festival holiday:

Dear cooperative customers and friends:

Hello! Thank you for your strong support and trust in our company. As the Spring Festival in 2020 is approaching. All the employees of Yujie wish ahead of time a happy Chinese New Year, happy family, good luck, and auspicious year of the rat!

The Spring Festival logistics arrangement is as follows: From January 10, 2020 (Lunar December 16th), logistics will be shut down until February 9th (16th January). To ensure that your company does not delay the normal operation of your company, please make the necessary inventory planning arrangements in advance and communicate the order to our company so that we can arrange production and delivery as early as possible to serve your company.

The above caused a lot of inconvenience to your company, and we hope to get your understanding and support! Our company telephone number: 0571-58627902, fax: 0571-58627903.

Thank you for your cooperation! Congratulations!

Hangzhou Yujie Chemical Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Yujie Chemical Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and operation of non-woven masterbatches, polypropylene staple masterbatches, polypropylene masterbatches, polypropylene filament masterbatches, polypropylene black masterbatches, various plastic colored masterbatches, Acrylic white masterbatch, cooling masterbatch, anti-aging masterbatch, antibacterial masterbatch, antistatic masterbatch, hydrophilic masterbatch, soft masterbatch, calcium carbonate filled masterbatch, color oil, color yarn, SMS masterbatch, pre Disperse pigments and other products.

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