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Hangzhou Yu Jie Chemical CO., Ltd - Hydrophilic masterbatch, hydrophilic masterbatch application range, hydrophilic masterbatch manufacturer, Hangzhou Yujie Chemical Co., Ltd., hydrophilic masterbatch supplier
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Application range of hydrophilic masterbatch
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Hydrophilic nonwoven is an environmentally friendly textile fabric. We often see adult or baby diapers, rags for home life, sanitary napkins for women, etc., made of it. Moreover, the hydrophilic non-woven fabric has strong liquid adsorption property and is harmless to the human body, and is convenient and practical.

The hydrophilic nonwoven fabric is obtained by adding a hydrophilic agent to the production process of the nonwoven fabric, or adding a hydrophilic agent to the fiber during the production of the fiber, and then producing a nonwoven fabric.

The fiber or nonwoven fabric is a high molecular polymer, which has little hydrophilic group or no hydrophilic group, and cannot achieve the hydrophilic property required in the nonwoven fabric application, and thus a hydrophilic agent is added.

Characteristics of hydrophilic non-woven fabric: The non-woven fabric has a certain ability to absorb moisture.

In applications, such as medical supplies, sanitary care products, hydrophilic hydrophilic membranes, the liquid can be quickly transferred to the absorbent core, the hydrophilic nonwoven fabric itself is not good absorption, the general moisture regain rate is 0.4% or so.

Which non-woven fabrics can be treated with hydrophilicity?
PP nonwoven
2. PET nonwoven
3. Needle punching cotton
4. Spunlace cloth
5. Impregnated cloth
6. Meltblown non-woven fabric

Yujie Hydrophilic Masterbatch is a masterbatch made of highly water-absorbent resin compatible with polypropylene resin and other hydrophilic materials. It has excellent permanent hydrophilic properties, safe and non-toxic, and good dispersibility.

Hydrophilic masterbatch is applied to polypropylene long and short filament, polypropylene non-woven fabric.

The hydrophilic masterbatch can retain the original mechanical and physical properties, strength, fabric finish, smoothness, no lint, and the fiber is not easily peeled off.

The company prefers a number of advanced equipment at home and abroad and its complete set of experimental and testing instruments for research and development of new products to ensure quality and control of quality.

It adopts advanced technology such as twin-screw water strip and double-rotor compaction to produce various high-concentration masterbatch, modified plastic and functional masterbatch. Adhere to the customer first, quality-oriented, reputation first, and constantly develop and innovate, realistic and beautiful.

The company sincerely welcomes friends at home and abroad to call us for business negotiation!

Hangzhou Yujie Chemical Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and operation of non-woven masterbatch, polypropylene staple fiber masterbatch, polypropylene masterbatch, polypropylene filament masterbatch, polypropylene black masterbatch, various plastic color masterbatch, poly Propylene white masterbatch, cooling masterbatch, anti-aging masterbatch, antibacterial masterbatch, antistatic masterbatch, hydrophilic masterbatch, soft masterbatch, calcium carbonate filled masterbatch, color oil, color yarn, SMS masterbatch, pre Disperse pigments and other products.

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