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Dyeing fee rose for three consecutive months! Where does the printing and dyeing industry come from?
Date:[2018/4/20]    Clicks:[472]

What kind of grand occasion is the current printing and dyeing industry?


From the reporter¡¯s field visit,

Gray and grey fabrics in the printing and dyeing industry, delayed delivery,

The price increase of dyeing prices is being staged.



Dyeing costs less than three times in a month


On March 30th, at the entrance of a dye factory in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, a trolley and a van parked the entire parking lot. In the afternoon sun, the tanned body was a little hot. Perhaps because the temperature is slightly hot, many car owners have to open the window and lie in the car to rest.


What are these car owners waiting for at the dyeing factory? Koi Wang, a Merchandiser who was sitting in the car and playing with a mobile phone, told reporters: ¡°Come on a reminder, ah, the grey fabrics are sent in for more than half a month, and they are still not dyed. Wait for a while and increase the price again!¡±


The above-mentioned mercenary's concerns are not unreasonable. According to the information obtained by the reporter, the cost of dyeing and chemical materials continued to rise sharply, and the printing and dyeing faucet raised the price of dyeing and dyeing from April 1st. The specific increase is to be determined.


This is the third time since Air China¡¯s stock price rose for the first time on March 8th, and it has raised the price of dyeing for the third time. In just 20 days, dyeing prices have risen three times. History is rare!





For the current season, as long as you drive on the road from Xiaoshan to Keqiao, you can see a large truck full of fabrics everywhere. In the dyeing plant, the grey fabric to be added to the cylinder fills the entire warehouse. Because the factory floor area is limited, a pile of gray fabrics are stacked outside the factory area in the open air.


According to relevant sources, the previous week was a normal delivery time. However, in the peak season of the industry, due to the consolidation of bills of lading, customers are unable to enter a single order, and delayed delivery is also possible.



In addition to the extension of delivery time, the willingness of dyeing factories to accept orders is also declining. The reporter understands that at present Xiaoshan and Shaoxing dyeing factories, some salesmen of dyeing factories have begun to stop small orders below 10,000 meters, and some companies do not accept complicated and difficult orders.


Dyeing the factory is not easy


¡°The increase in dyeing costs is a combination of factors, such as dyes, auxiliaries, labor costs, sewage charges, capacity supply and demand,¡± the source told reporters. The rise in this round of dyeing fees, in addition to no change in the sewage charges, the increase in costs and the tight supply and demand of production capacity have contributed to the push.


Under normal circumstances, the dye cost accounts for about 25% of printing and dyeing costs. In the volatile fluctuations of dye prices, printing and dyeing companies still have room for profit. However, as the price of dyes continues to increase, the day of dyeing is not so good.





Statistics show that from January to September 2017, there were 277 loss-making enterprises in the above-scale printing and dyeing enterprises with a loss of 16.13%, an increase of 0.46 percentage points from the same period of 2016. Loss-making enterprises had a total loss of 1.092 billion yuan, an increase of 26.55% over the same period of 2016.


Compared with last year, the pressure faced by printing and dyeing enterprises this year has only increased. Taking dyestuffs as an important raw material dyestuff for example, since 2018, due to the rise in intermediate prices, lower dye stocks, and rising environmental costs, several leading domestic dyestuff companies have raised their prices several times.





For example, disperse dyes, from March 1 onwards, the conventional dispersion black up 5,000 yuan / ton, listing price reached 50,000 yuan / ton, which is the highest price in the decentralized black two years, compared with 28,000 yuan / ton rose 78.57% over the same period last year The latest offer for the rest of the disperse dyes also increased by about 10% from the previous month.


In the letter of price increase of many enterprises, the cost factor has undoubtedly become the fuse of rising dyeing fees.



Supply and demand gaps past and present


At the same time as the dyeing factories clashed for rising costs, the reporter heard more about the imbalance in supply and demand caused by the environmental renovation.


The rising cost of printing and dyeing is just an excuse for the price increase of dyeing factories. In many cases, companies that have difficulty in finding orders even if they increase their money are mainly due to the limited production capacity of dyeing factories, and are behind the large-scale customs. Stopping and relocating causes the production capacity to not keep up.





¡°The closure and relocation of dyeing factories have a great impact on the market supply and demand. Basically, moving from the exit area to the Binjiang area will also require a process. Under the policy requirements, there are indeed many dyeing factories relocated, but again It takes time to start, after all, the re-commissioning of machinery and equipment needs repeated debugging.¡± The relevant person in the printing and dyeing industry mentioned above.

In fact, in today's surging emerging industries, the backward printing and dyeing industry has become the focus of the local government. The closure of the rectification and relocation can be described as ¡°a wave of waves. The printing and dyeing industry, which has made important contributions to the local government, is where you go, so you may as well wait and see.

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