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How to distinguish the quality of masterbatch?
Date:[2018/3/26]    Clicks:[552]

The quality of the masterbatch will directly affect the quality of its application products. If the quality of the masterbatch does not meet the specified standards, the applied product is not only difficult to control the color, but also the quality of the product. Therefore, it is important to choose a good quality masterbatch product.


The first thing to pay attention to is the degree of dispersion of the masterbatch. Experts said that the dispersion of the masterbatch is the guarantee that the color masterbatch can reach the ideal state during the application process, and the better the dispersion of the masterbatch, Its actual color effect is also better.


The choice of color masterbatch should be followed by the masterbatch capping ability. This feature is also important in the practical application of color masterbatch. Masterbatch is now widely used in plastic products and chemical fiber products. In the processing of these products, some of the raw materials are used for the second time, and the materials used for the second time have a certain color. In order to achieve the desired color effect of the finished products, the masterbatch must rely on its powerfulness in practical applications. The covering ability hides the original color of the raw material.


In the selection of masterbatch products, the factor to be considered is the stability of the masterbatch. According to masterbatch experts, if the stability of the masterbatch is too bad, the color of the masterbatch when it is actually used will be difficult to be used. In control, the masterbatch is likely to cause a change in the color effect of the masterbatch due to temperature changes in the production equipment.


If the masterbatch is produced using swarf or recycled material, it may contain contaminants or other non-meltable polymers. This will cause some unforeseen and difficult constraints, wasting final consumers' time and raw materials. At this time, the base resin can be selected to produce high-quality masterbatch, and the masterbatch has good compatibility in the melting process. High-quality masterbatches can be produced using LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, SAN, PA, and other materials. If engineering grade and stringent physical properties have been noted, special polymer masterbatches can be obtained.

Choosing high-quality masterbatch not only allows the product to achieve the desired effect, but also greatly reduces the cost of use.

Yujie specializes in producing all kinds of plastics and chemical fiber masterbatch. The company selects a batch of advanced equipment at home and abroad as well as a complete set of experiments and testing instruments for research and development of new products to ensure the quality and control of quality. The use of twin-screw water strips, double rotors and other advanced technology to produce a variety of high-density masterbatch, modified plastics and functional masterbatch. Warmly welcome your call!

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