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Disperse dye prices may continue to rise
Date:[2018/3/9]    Clicks:[540]

At the beginning of this year, the dye market continued to attract eyeball incidents: The explosion of a dye factory in Nanjing made everyone sweat. The dye stocks have a positive trend. The Ministry of Commerce imposed anti-dumping duties on imported o-chloro-p-nitroaniline originating in India. The deadline is 5 years from February 13, 2018...

Nowadays, another round of price increase hits...
It is reported that the main reasons for this round of price increases are the following:

First, the supply is low, inventory is low

Due to the continuous tightening of environmental protection and safety supervision, at the end of 2017, there was a rare situation that dyestuff enterprises and printing and dyeing companies had low stocks. After the Spring Festival, the status of low inventory of dyestuff companies cannot improve quickly and the industry supply is not sufficient.

Second, the peak season just needs to be enhanced

After the Spring Festival, printing and dyeing companies entered the busy season one after another, but the inventory in the early period was low, and the demand for dye rigidity was greater than in previous years. In addition, last year, the domestic total production capacity of polyester filament was 33.88 million tons, and the growth rate was close to 5%. The total production capacity this year is expected to reach 37.26 million tons, which represents a year-on-year growth rate of 10%. This creates a new stimulus for the demand for disperse dyes.

Third, the price of raw materials, rising costs

The price of disperse dye intermediates has been at a high level. The prices of conventional phenylenediamines, resorcinol, reduced products, and dichlorodibromide have increased by a large margin. The cost of dye production companies is high and the operating burden has increased...

In view of the above, with the further increase in the concentration of disperse dyestuffs industry, the contradiction between supply and demand continues to intensify and many other factors will further push the price of disperse dyes to a climax, and disperse dyes in the market will continue to rise...

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