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Do these managers have all the qualities you have?£¨2£©
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Everyone can become a manager,
But may not be able to become a good manager,
Because it is only by virtue of power that it is forced to issue orders,
Is a very stupid way.
To become a truly outstanding manager,
Need to work in many ways.


Organizational skills

To give full play to their subordinate talents, good at organizing human, material and financial resources, with the least investment to obtain the best work results.

Ability to lead the team

Management has never been a single thing, rich managers have shown the development of team-oriented work style, willing to work together in the actual management of the work is "leading wild goose" is the football field "soul"; good at creating A culture of teamwork and equal communication, good at using the mind and uniting the wisdom of the collective, welcome criticism and confrontation in an open mind, and never give up looking for the best solution to the problem; admire each other, boost morale and focus on the team Members of the common development.

Teamwork plays a decisive role in the ultimate manager's success. According to statistics, the main reason for the failure of management is that middle managers and their colleagues are not good at the lower level.


Ability to cultivate others

Outstanding managers pay more attention to the development of the potential of subordinates and encourage and help their subordinates to succeed. Arrange various experiences to improve his ability to help him grow.


If traditional leaders rely mainly on power, modern leadership is more dependent on its internal influence. A successful leader does not refer to the height of the body, but refers to those who, by virtue of their prestige and wisdom, attract other members around themselves, gain the trust of others, and guide and influence others to accomplish their organizational goals. And the good performance of the organizational community has been achieved. The influence of the leader is increasingly becoming an important indicator of successful leadership.

A middle-level leader with full influence can lead a team with commanding ease and leadership and achieve good results. On the contrary, an influential leader who relies too heavily on command and power leaders, It is impossible to establish true prestige in the team and achieve satisfactory leadership performance.


Focus on the details

Anything from quantitative change to qualitative change is not a transient process. If the manager does not persevere in "light and heavy", and do a good job in every detail of the pragmatic spirit, it will not achieve the "light weight" status.

Lifting weight: meaning is to lift things as heavy as weightlifting things, metaphor to do simple things are also very serious, or do simple things can also reflect the important significance.

Lifting weight: lifting heavy things like playing with light things. Metaphor is strong, capable of easily doing heavy work or dealing with difficult problems.


Many enterprises are faced with the implementation of the problem is not in place. Good product planning, good planning and implementation of good, good implementation of a good team, a good team of good managers. The strength of execution is an important basis for measuring the strength of a team's combat effectiveness, but also an important factor for managers to win. Personal execution is the basis of team execution, and the key is the manager's executive power. Middle-level managers, as departmental decision-makers and leaders, are very important.



Initiative is the manager at the expense of investing more energy, good at discovering and creating new opportunities, predict the possibility of things in advance, and plan to take action to improve performance, to avoid problems, or create New opportunities Can not be proactive progress, not a pioneer, the team's performance will be limited. If managers can not have a positive impetus to the company's overall performance, they are digging their own careers. One of the criteria for measuring the effectiveness of managers' performance is the number of actions they personally initiate.


Managers must have strong creativity, to brave in the introduction of new management ideas, new management theory and new management tools for the company's operational efficiency, process reengineering, management innovation, market development, brand management and enterprise standardization , Institutionalized, modern management advice and suggestions, starting from the basic work, down-to-earth, step by step forward, in particular, should pay attention to observe the development and changes in the external situation and continue to adjust according to the actual situation of enterprises to adapt to the market The need of competition keeps pace with the times.



Do management, mainly dealing with people, people are ideological, but also the most difficult to manage, the most headaches, through human nature, reasoning, respect for people, care about people, understanding and trust of people, see the value of talent, Emphasis on the role of talent, tap the potential of talent is particularly important. How to give everybody an affinity so that everyone can respect and admire you is a prerequisite for doing a good job in all fields. This is one of the basic skills for managers. Focus on cultivating personal affinity, both principle and rich human touch, so that we are willing to say good-bye to you.

Only in this way can you understand the voice of the general staff and the real idea, and effectively collect first-hand reliable, original information, and after induction, finishing, the real value of the information faithfully feedback to the company policy makers, so that leaders Anytime, anywhere grasp the dynamics of the grass-roots level, but also facilitate the targeted formulation of effective measures and strategies to promote the development of enterprises to the good aspects of change.

Affinity managers can be approachable, polite people, understand the situation, understand the hardships and difficulties of staff, without violating the principles of the company and undermine the interests of enterprises under the premise of co-ordinating for everyone to work to solve the worries of everyone, the staff's attention Lead to work up.

Managers use their own affinity, can grasp the initiative of management, employment, retention, comprehensive planning of the units or departments of human resources, the correct allocation of use, scientific and effective incentive to maximize the potential of each person for the enterprise The contribution of the development of wisdom.

Managers should also establish a communication channel for the company leaders and employees, actively listen to and receive reasonable suggestions from employees, and adopt a democratic style of work and methods to improve the relationship between leaders and employees. Do not abuse power for personal gain, do not love affairs, clear and open case, fair work, the real development of the company to create a harmonious environment.



As a good manager, he must have management skills, leadership skills and organizational skills. He must have a strong penetrating power to deal with all kinds of difficult problems and have a wide range of radiation. In particular, we can see the essence through the phenomenon of things, accurately grasp the crux of the problem, be good at drawing out the first order from the complicated things, and have strong penetrating power and radiation to both upper and lower positions. That his good ideas, ideas and programs to report the leadership, to persuade the leadership, let him agree and adopt your rationalization proposals.


Work to learn to control their emotions.

Professional ethics

Managers should have good professional ethics, always maintain the company's image. Excellent managers will see the company as their second home, from time to time to maintain the image of this home, everywhere to the interests of the company.


As a manager,
Not only need to have professional skills, behavioral skills,
Also need to have a higher emotional intelligence to manage the entire team that is strategic skills.
Compared to professional skills,
The strategic skills of managers are more important.
This is also a kind of leadership,
It manifests in many ways ...

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