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Do these managers have all the qualities you have?£¨1£©
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Refers to the manager of a certain organization,
Through the implementation of planning, organization, leadership, control and other functions
To coordinate the activities of others,
Make others come together with yourself
The established goal of the activity process.
Throughout the management activities,
Managers' ability and quality are crucial.
As the social division of labor becomes more and more detailed,
Occupational management has been used.
Therefore, managers should have what kind of quality?
Lead by example
As a manager, we must at first play an exemplary role in the work, from the rules and regulations to the appearance of instruments, demeanor, attitude and other aspects of work should be the first to be the leader of subordinates.
Should understand that "teaching is more important than precepts" truth, less use of language and more personal actions to influence their own image, drive employees, guide employees and educate employees. "There is no bad soldier, only a bad general." The quality of the work of the staff is like a mirror, which can directly reflect the management ability of a manager.
Business quality
As the saying goes, "blacksmith needs its own hard," a good manager, we must first master the theoretical knowledge of the entire department and business skills. Imagine, as managers, if you have not mastered these knowledge, where the quality standards, how to test and guide the quality of the work of staff? How to make employees convinced of your management?
fair and just
In the management of the taboo is not how strict rules and regulations, but in the implementation of the rules and regulations of the process is fair and just. Any dissatisfaction caused by the small groups or the personal relationship caused by employee dissatisfaction will lead to the trust crisis of the managers and directly affect the implementation of the rules and regulations and the favorable progress of the work.
be honest and open
At work, there should be a "big belly capacity, inclusive" attitude, can listen to different voices, whether holding the same opinion or opinion.
"Good medicine bitter mouth, sincere words against the ear", especially for brave to give you a different opinion of the staff, should be able to treat the issue honestly attitude, there are employees to your different views, should be fortunate that employees trust you, hope You can do better.
Can not be ignored, excluded, or even retaliation for retaliation, so that managers will only look down on you employees, which contradict you.
Learning ability
Learning endless, saying that "live the old, learn the old", an organization should continue to develop and progress, requires members should continue to learn new knowledge. In today's rapidly changing information society, as a manager, we should try our best to extract time and learn continuously.
Only through learning can we continuously improve our own quality so that we can better guide and train your subordinate employees to make continuous progress. It is not advisable not to learn or work with an old experience.
Training ability
The work performance of members in a department is directly related to the training ability of the supervisor in the department. Our supervisor must have the ability to train department staff.
As a grass-roots management personnel in addition to doing their own work, but also for staff work deficiencies in training.
Only the majority of employees in the entire department are motivated and the entire team can progress.
Analysis, ability to judge
The problems that arise at work and the performance of employees can be objectively analyzed, judged and evaluated based on facts. Have their own thinking and ability to judge, not everyone, do "parrot", not indecisive, but not involved in the transmission of hearsay trail news.
Being courageous and responsible in his work, he has a high sense of responsibility to his superiors, subordinates, guests and companies. In particular, when mistakes arise in the work, they can bravely assume their responsibilities, refuse to shirk their responsibilities and actively seek reasons for the timely correction to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents.
The most despised employee, but also the least likes is his boss in the face of problems or need to take responsibility, always try every possible means to find an excuse to shirk their responsibility. Why such a manager's credibility at all.

Communication, coordination skills
The communication here includes internal communication and external communication. Internal communication means communication with upper-level leaders (superior), coordination with other horizontally-related people (level), and communication with subordinates (lower level).
External communication mainly refers to the communication with the guests. As the communication between the grass-roots managers and guests, communication between them is mainly about service communication, such as understanding the needs of the guests, soliciting guests 'satisfaction with the service and handling guests' dissatisfaction.
language skills
The languages ​​here include body language and spoken language. Body language is mainly reflected in the communication with their superiors and subordinates to communicate the use of the right body language, such as the eye contact and so on (such as employees in the busy hour, investing attention can give employees have "tired, but happy "a feeling of).
Oral language mainly refers to the management and service languages ​​can not use blunt orders, reprimands, ridicule, abusive, threatening or begging and the like language. In many cases, managers are guilty of using inappropriate sentences in the management process, causing great psychological pressure on employees and making employees feel disgusted or even start to resist.
Right should be accessible, motivated, not embarrassed, not defensive, especially in the case of emergencies, both the interests of companies and guests, to find the best combination of points, the successful solution to the problem. This kind of adaptability has not been created overnight. We should accumulate more experience in normal work and study so that we can not mess up in emergencies.
Observational power
Be good at looking into the sky, on the customer side, from the guests dress, demeanor and behavior on the analysis of guest psychology and ideas in order to better serve the good guests. Internally, insight into the leadership, the staff's mind, here does not mean deliberately to study the higher the psychological, courtesy, flattery and so on. Mainly through careful observation, better understanding of others, in order to better carry out their work.
If one can succeed,
It shows that his ability and hard work are all positive input,
And attitude is the ultimate achievement of how.
Any good manager is not born,
Even less likely to develop in a short time,
Good managers are in social practice
Reached by continuous effort.

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