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Dye discontinued business Liuc
Date:[2014/10/16]    Clicks:[3235]

Dye discontinued business Liucheng key future supply of raw materials cited concerns

Dye intermediates "Restore matter" will not break for? Dye companies will not be a large area of ​​discontinued? Disperse will not skyrocketing? Recently, Shaoxing, Zhejiang dyes, printing and dyeing industry rumors have.

Shaoxing, Zhejiang is China dyes, printing and dyeing industry gathering place. Recently, a number of people in the industry to the Securities Times reporter, said dye industry may be facing a crisis in the history of the largest industry. Restore mutagen market is a key industry concerns triggered.

Reducing substance soaring 163 percent in a single month

Required in the past month, dye production of "reducing substances", ie 2-amino-4-acetylamino-anisole, market mutations. Price from early September 38,000 yuan / ton, soared to today's 100,000 yuan / ton, or up to 163%. And all of this, due to the nation's largest suppliers - rather 夏明盛 dyeing discontinued Limited. So far, the current domestic Liucheng can restore property has been discontinued.

Early September, the Tengger Desert contaminated attracted outside attention. After the scandal, Zhongwei city government ordered the polluters rather 夏明盛 Dyeing Co. permanent closure of the old factory, may not resume production and limit its removal of the original plant and equipment and facilities before the end of December.

Although the reduction is quite important matter for the dye business, but whether domestic or foreign, the production company does not have much to restore things. At present, the domestic market, the annual demand reduction materials about 2.5 million tons, the main production enterprises Ning Xia Mingsheng, defender Xin three yuan, Inner Mongolia and Zhejiang Longsheng totem subsidiary of Zhejiang Hongsheng Chemical, production capacity was 2000 tons / month, 800 tons / month, 700 tons / month and 700 tons / month.

Restore objects indispensable, making Ning 夏明盛 become large domestic supply dyes, printing and dyeing enterprises. Runtu shares, Zhejiang Longsheng, Air China shares in other companies, have become a Ning Xia Mingsheng downstream customers. The company is one of Air China in 2009 before the five largest suppliers of shares, the transaction amounted to 28.84 million yuan; Zhejiang Longsheng last year had paid 12.27 million yuan to purchase raw materials rather 夏明盛 present these advances have been finished in raw material procurement settlement this year since September Zhejiang Longsheng fully realized confession; runtu shares places grounds of commercial confidentiality, declined to disclose transactions between the two.

Ning 夏明盛 position in the dye industry, from the recent price movements to restore objects can be seen. In late September, reducing material price from the previous 38,000 yuan / ton, up to 60,000 yuan / ton, recently re-surged to about 100,000 yuan / ton.

In the industry view, the second time to restore the recent rise in material prices, not unrelated to a paper approval. October 3, Xi Jinping on the Tengger Desert pollution problems given instructions. Subsequently, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, the two governments, again related businesses and authorities accountable.

Recently, the reporter learned from the Environmental Protection Agency and other government departments Ningxia learned Zhongwei City was conducted on the Tengger Desert accountable pollution incidents, including Zhongwei City Environmental Protection Bureau, including four people, it has already been suspended. Meanwhile, the person in charge for the accident enterprises and punishment, yet relevant laboratory data after the final out to conclusion.

Future supply concerns cited

Upgrade Tengger Desert pollution incident caused widespread concern of the industry, companies will not be a large area dye discontinued? Disperse will not skyrocketing?

Recently, the reporter in Zhejiang Longsheng subsidiary of Zhejiang Hongsheng Chemical saw the company one of the busy production plant. Beginning Zhejiang Hongsheng Chemical reduction object 10,000 tons / year to design, can meet the needs of Zhejiang Longsheng restore things, but a few years ago rather 夏明盛 price advantage, forcing Zhejiang Longsheng detour. However, from the beginning of September this year, Zhejiang Longsheng begin confession.

Zhejiang Longsheng areas, told reporters that the spent acid reducing substances generated by the company can be used just another intermediate - hydrolysis hydroquinone, ammonium sulfate will eventually become, so to achieve resource recovery. Recently, the national technology innovation strategic alliance dye industry is also on the company's commitment to "five" National Science and Technology Support Program "2-amino-4-acetylamino-anisole clean production process development and demonstration" project conducted a site inspection.

In fact, the previous low-cost strategy rather 夏明盛 industry veiled criticism: "At the present nitration hydrogenation process point of view, one ton of waste acid reducing substance will produce about 20 tons, and if no other supporting projects to achieve circular economy, a single reducing material waste acid treatment projects is difficult to achieve, even if we can handle the cost is quite high. "another official said, according to environmental requirements, reducing matter if the final 3.8 yuan / ton market price to sell, and even the cost of production can not be redeemed . Therefore, do not have a technological advantage rather 夏明盛 only possible to think of ways in terms of sewage. This is also an important reason rather 夏明盛 moved to the desert from Jiangsu.

At present, the reduction of material production is mainly divided into two kinds of iron reduction and hydrogenation reducing the production process, in which iron reduction has been explicitly require the State Ministry eliminate backward technology, which is the defender Xin triples, Inner Mongolia totem two production the reason companies are still shut down.

In fact, Zhejiang Hongsheng horsepower now open, because of the supply reduction Zhejiang Longsheng matter of concern for some time: defender Xin triples, Inner Mongolia totem, rather 夏明盛 chemical discontinued, means that the current property can restore Liu Cheng has been discontinued If the new chemical plant in Nanjing 夏明盛 delays of production, supply reduction materials market will change fundamentally.

Subsequent reduction material prices, depending on the dye downstream demand, companies Ning Xia Mingsheng raw material inventory levels and the progress of the new plant into operation. Among them, Ning Xia Mingsheng new plant when production is particularly important.

It is reported that, rather 夏明盛 new plant being built, the design capacity of the old plant and the same is 2000 tons / month, originally planned to put into operation in October this year. However, due to the responsible person involved incidents have been investigated sewage, therefore, to date, rather 夏明盛 still no news regarding the new plant into operation.

Interviewed industry generally believe that rather 夏明盛 new plant could not be commissioned in the short term. Among them, Shaoxing, a dye enterprises responsible person, after the pollution incident, the EIA Ning 夏明盛 new plant could become more stringent; Meanwhile, northern winter weather will affect the construction of new plant construction. Therefore, rather 夏明盛 new plant production time will be back delay is expected to start in the first half of 2015 the possibility does not exist. If the person in charge of Ning Xia Mingsheng was eventually identified as a criminal offense, does not exclude the Ning Xia Mingsheng new plant and it has closed.

2 to 3 months transmitted to the downstream

While Ning 夏明盛 shutting down the supply reduction will only affect things, but after the crisis will spread to the downstream fermentation.

In the industry view, the domestic production of the dye business crisis, already faintly visible. The main basis that, at present, in addition to Zhejiang Hongsheng Chemical, the other three manufacturers are reducing substances in shutdown state, and the largest supplier of Ning Xia Mingsheng new plant into operation in the short-term hopeless. Therefore, most of the dye producers of raw materials will fall into crisis.

A dye industry professionals to reporters calculations, at present, the domestic annual demand of about 25,000 tons of reducing substances, even Zhejiang Hongsheng Chemical 10,000 tons / year production plant at full capacity, can only meet 40 % market supply. The Zhejiang Longsheng 120,000 tons of disperse dyes production capacity, accounting for 35% to 37% of the market. In other words, the reduction of Zhejiang Longsheng matter in addition to self-sufficiency, but only a small amount for export.

Today, from the Ning Xia Mingsheng old plant was permanently shut down over a month's time, although reducing material prices soaring, but the market has yet apparent dye reaction. In this regard, a number of respondents told reporters, is still a buffer period, reducing the impact of cuts will matter in the last two to three months and gradually transmitted to the downstream. After reducing physical inventory consumption, some dye companies will stop production, downstream printing companies will be faced with the difficulties of purchase.

So, dye business inventory reduction matter how the situation? Enterprises in Shaoxing, a dye, told reporters, reducing physical inventory generally small, barely enough to use two to three months. And another local leading enterprises Dye said, "We restore objects stock, enough to use." But for how long these stockpile enough but tight-lipped.

The recent price movements, the impact on the reduction of the dye business object purchase. Related interview with reporters, said dye companies, since the second half, reactive dyes at a high downward phase, while disperse currently stable at relevant high stage. Therefore, very few companies will choose to hoard goods.

In fact, the reduction of material production plummeted, but also the dye business previously unsuspected things. Many people in the industry, told reporters that the imminent change in the situation dye industry, is expected to restore the physical gap will appear in two to three months later, which will lead to dye Duandun. Not surprisingly, then, a large area of ​​discontinued businesses dye tragedy will appear.

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