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PP, PET, SMS masterbatc
Product Description
  • 1 Introduction

    Our company began to independently develop meltblown non-woven masterbatches in 2006. The company has professional small prototypes and can provide SMS, SMMS, SMMMS and various masterbatches for global production lines.

    2. Introduction of SMS Masterbatch

    Meltblown non-woven masterbatch has excellent material selection, good physical properties, bright and stable color, and is widely used in non-woven coloring. Meltblown non-woven masterbatch can provide customers with personalized services according to customers' different performance requirements such as color, temperature resistance, light resistance, etc.

    3. Instructions for use of SMS masterbatch

    Depending on the actual production equipment, there will be different processing temperature requirements, and the addition amount of the coloring masterbatch should be controlled at 0.8%~8% to ensure the smooth processing of the cloth.

    4. meltblown nonwovens technical indicators masterbatch




    Smooth surface, uniform grain,  no chromatic aberration and stain

    Melting Index (g/10min


    Filtration-DF Valuebarc·cm2/g


    Grain Sizemm


    Spinning Temperature


    Suggested Adding Percentage



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