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Anti-aging Masterbatch
Product Description

  • Anti-aging masterbatch by absorbing and cut lead nonwovens, fiber, film UV aging, extend the life cycle of the film. When used according to product thickness, outdoor use to determine the length of time the amount of masterbatch added. Some products use less generally thick, the amount to be more thin-walled products, such as mulch, drip film.

    1.  Brief Introduction
    This product is a modified masterbatch compounded special anti-aging agent and resin with other materials.

    2. Characteristics
     Absorb and cut off ultraviolet which leads to the aging of films, nonwoven fabric, synthetic fiber, and extend their life cycle.

    3.  Specification




    White particle

    Grain Sizemm



    PP, PE

    Melting Index (g/10mm


    Filtration-DF Valuebarc·cm2/g



     < 0. 5%

    Spinning Temperature


    Suggested Adding Percentage



    PP filament and staple fiber, PP BCF for carpet, PP non-woven fabric.

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