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Antibaterial Masterbatch Inquiry

Antimicrobial masterbatch inorganic nano-antibacterial agents, antimicrobial masterbatch for plastics prepared by a special process. Efficient and functional masterbatch is widely used in the plastics industry at home and abroad. Choose a different carrier and the most advanced nanotechnology, silver-coated surface of the carrier, so that the slow release of silver ions, resulting in long-lasting, efficient and safe antibacterial effect. The antimicrobial masterbatch suitable for PE, PP, EVA, HIPS, PA and other polymer materials.

Antimicrobial masterbatch add methods:

Sufficiently stirred and mixed uniformly. Be produced in accordance with a variety of conventional plastic production process.

Antimicrobial masterbatch Note:

Function of the efficiency of the product, adding method, testing requirements or specifications of the base material selection, please contact with representatives of the company's business in order to achieve the best results.

Antimicrobial masterbatch product advantages:

1) broad-spectrum antimicrobial, antibacterial effect of long-term holding effect;
Good 2) thermal stability, high temperature, not color;
3) Good compatibility and dispersion;
4) does not change the original plastic processing;
5) all kinds of plastic raw materials are appropriate masterbatch, reduce the impact on the performance of plastics;
6) comply with food and hygiene materials production and use requirements, without any impact on the environment during the production and use;

Antimicrobial masterbatch use tips:

1) dry as possible antimicrobial masterbatch, antibacterial masterbatch optimal dosage of 3-5%; using a mixer or other mixing dispersion method, so that adequate mixing film and other products can be produced in accordance with the original production process ;Antibacterial additive 2) is used by the special surface modification treatment, and therefore the polyolefin material has excellent compatibility;3) production and storage process, pay attention to dark, avoid high temperatures and waterproof;

With inorganic nano antibacterial agent, based on different carriers, our company uses the most advanced nano-technology and equipment, to wrap silver on carrier surface, which makes the silver particles slow release. This will get lasting, efficient and safe anti-bacterial effect.
It is suitable to Polymer materials of PE、PP、EVA、HIPS、PA, etc.

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