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Hangzhou Yu Jie Chemical CO., Ltd - 丙纶短纤色母粒玉杰更专业,价格更低的丙纶短纤色母粒,丙纶短纤色母粒价格,丙纶短纤色母粒用途
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Polypropylene Staple Filber Masterbatch Inquiry

Masterbatch Hangzhou Yujie Chemical Co., Ltd.'s using high-quality pigment, through wet grinding, the same time using with the polypropylene resin compatibilizer sexual good ultra-high dispersing agent and lubricants, pair the pigment microparticles were subjected to stable-coated deal with, to achieve a high concentration of the pigment good dispersion of the in the matrix, to prevent the the pigment particles in the spinning dispersed due to freedom surface energy while the caused by of cohesion, to ensure the smooth carry out spinning process's, having a good may the spun performance.

Our products are suitable for fine denier masterbatches, micro-denier filaments, short weaving, BCF carpet yarn, spun-bonded non-woven fabric products coloring.

Polypropylene staple fiber Masterbatch This series of product has the as follows advantages:

1) The masterbatch products pigment particle size <1μm;
2) dispersed, stable, high-colored;
3) has excellent filtration performance;
4) non-woven polypropylene masterbatch with high heat resistance, light resistance.

Polypropylene staple fiber Masterbatch Reference numeral: JCXY-PP
Polypropylene staple fiber Masterbatch Physical indicators: Appearance: surface is smooth, uniform particles, no color, pigmentation
Polypropylene staple fiber Masterbatch particle diameter: Φ3 × 3mm
Polypropylene staple fiber Masterbatch heat-resistant temperature: 200 ℃ ~ 260 ℃
Polypropylene staple fiber Masterbatch filtration value of the DF (barc · cm2 / g): ≤0.2
Polypropylene staple fiber Masterbatch the melt index MI (g / 10min): 15 ~ 40
Polypropylene staple fiber Masterbatch Light Fastness fastness: ≥5 grade
Polypropylene staple fiber Masterbatch migration resistance: ≥4 grade
Polypropylene staple fiber Masterbatch Main components: carrier: fiber grade PP resin
Polypropylene staple fiber Masterbatch pigment: concentration is high, easily dispersed, high tinting strength, ultra-fine degree
Polypropylene staple fiber Masterbatch auxiliaries: compound coupling agent, dispersing agent, a a lubricant, a Fanglao Hua ultraviolet absorbers, antioxidant and the like
Polypropylene staple fiber Masterbatch added amount of: 2.5D silk added in an amount In the 0.5 ~ 3.5%, necessary to fully uniform mixing
Polypropylene staple fiber Masterbatch Scope of application: polypropylene spunbond non-woven, polypropylene filament, polypropylene staple silk, polypropylene BCF silk
Polypropylene staple fiber Masterbatch NOTE: X- representative of the colors Y- on behalf of a certain the color of Serial number

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