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Polypropylene Black Masterbatch
Product Description

  • Chemical Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Yujie using special handling equipment, wet grinding the pigment; while using good compatibility with the polypropylene resin, an ultrahigh dispersants and additives, pigment particles stabilized coating treatment, to achieve a high concentration good pigment dispersion in the matrix to prevent the pigment particles dispersed in the discharge wire surface free energy due to condensation caused ensure the smooth progress of the spinning process, with good spinnability.

    Polypropylene black masterbatch product has the following advantages:

       1) The masterbatch products pigment particle size <1μm;
       2) dispersed, stable, high-colored;
       3) has excellent filtration performance;
       4) having a high heat resistance and light resistance.

    Black masterbatch suitable for fine denier polypropylene micro-denier filaments, short weaving, BCF carpet yarn, spun-bonded non-woven fabric products coloring.

    Polypropylene black masterbatch product details description:

    Black masterbatch polypropylene label: JCXY-PP
    Polypropylene black masterbatch physical indicators: Appearance: Opaque black, no impurities
    Polypropylene black masterbatch diameter: Φ3 × 3mm, uniform particles, shiny
    Polypropylene black masterbatch concentration: 50 to 60% carbon black content
    Black masterbatch polypropylene filter value DF (barc · cm2 / g): ≤0.1
    Polypropylene black masterbatch chemical properties: Carrier: fiber-grade PP resin
    Polypropylene black masterbatch pigment: high-grade carbon black particle size: 0.21μm
    Polypropylene black masterbatch with good dispersion, black shiny
    Polypropylene black masterbatch additives: excellent dispersants and lubricants
    Polypropylene black masterbatch dosage: 1.0%

    Note: X- Y- representative on behalf of a color number color

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